Serving South Florida

Serving South Florida

Construction Business Miami

Providing Quality Construction to South Florida for over a Decade!

We provide comprehensive construction management consulting services to help you yield the best results for your project. Our team of experts have many years of engineering and construction experience and they use this knowledge to assist with the challenges that often occur throughout the construction process.

We use our experience to help deliver the best possible construction projects. If we are involved from the earliest stages of your project, you maximize your chances to achieve a smooth and trouble-free construction process. Whether your custom home calls for a traditional, contemporary, or modern look we can help you accoplish your goal. We know that every project is different. Our goal, as we work with a strong experienced team,is to create the perfect home that exceed the expectations of our clients.

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The story behind Sara Liu’s success took its roots from the concern that she has with her family.

Her father has suffered a heart attack which left him unable to eat his favourite meal which is mac and cheese. Her father was given a low fat diet after the heart attack.

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London, UK, May 17, 2018. On the 26th of April, Thursday, Shweta Jhajharia, a London-based business coach goes home with 42.5% of all the available awards from the European Business Excellence Awards. She currently holds the title for the most awards ever won for a business coach. On her first award, she took home 25% of the awards. On the second time, she took home 38% of the total available awards.

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Franchisers of Kmart, Sears Holdings, decided to close their local branch at Laramie in August. Sears Holdings has struggled to keep the company afloat for several years. However, the struggle is taking its toll and the first branch that got affected is the one on Laramie.

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Sara Liu and her partner started a dairy-free business of sandwiches that won them $5,000. At the Binghamton Business Plan competition, judges chose the mobile vegan food café that offers healthy and affordable sandwiches.

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It is a really bad thing when good people are put in the wrong position. When I was in corporate America working for such big giants like RCS, NSA and General Dynamics I often saw great people put in management roles that were horrible managers.

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See more Dental Implants Los Gatos CA – Restore A Natural Smile


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Construction Business

Construction Business


Miami has a rich history as the area of the South West. For decardes the area has atracted people from all over the world. The reason is it's warm client, it's diverse population, its vibrant construction business and the quality of life. Its true from spring break to many different concerts on it's beautiful beaches Miami attracts the 20 something crowled all year long. While there is some crime in the Miami area it has a great low crime record based on the number of people that live in the area. When you look at the condo's from Miami Beach or the single family homes in kendall, pinecrest, coral gables or homestead the designs are warm and fantastic.


There's a lot to discover in Miami, and every day it is become more and more exciting. Different neighborhoods add a sense of vitality to the streets. After a hard day at work or on the weekends the city is the opposite of a ghost town- there is still a delicious meal to eat, shows to see, and pubs to relax in afterward. The Beach is justifiably famous for the bathing suites, family-owned Cuban / Spanish restaurants every where. Some of these favorates include 94 Aero Squandran, Area 31, Blue Martini, Chef Deaffini and not hundreds but thousands of places to choose from. Check out one of the favorites, Captains Tavern.


Families may be more interested in Winwood or Brickell as some of the newer and more trendier areas. Gorgeous and well-maintained original homes, classic architecture and roadways (including 836, US1, I95 and the Ronal Reagan Turnpike!) If your looking for museums, then you have to check out then Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Lock & Load Museum, Deering Estate and so many more.


Miami's children might be the best-entertained group in America. With so many fun and free things to do in the area, like the beach, Museum, there's no excuse for "I'm bored" coming from the backseat. When you need a break from pavement and skyscrapers, take the kids to the keys, or the everglades. The options are boundless.. The Miami Marlins have one of the best records in baseball, and some of the best and loudess fans. The Dolphins are also a lot of fun to watch.


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